About Scoopshot Film

Scoopshot Film a natural evolution of Scoopshot and provides brands and organisations with the ability to get the best creative talent from around the world to produce high-quality films for their channels. The Scoopshot Film community can work on more complex storytelling briefs and produce engaging films that resonate with audiences, no matter what market or region. Scoopshot Film provides clients with a flexible method of acquiring content while democratising the way visual stories are told, sourced and produced.

Scoopshot Film helps brands becoming broadcasters by changing the way branded content is sourced. We’re committed to providing any person with advanced filmmaking skills the opportunity to work on production projects for some of the biggest brands and agencies. Scoopshot Film also invites ideators and copywriters to suggest their stories that often provide the initial spark that gets a story or film going.

About Scoopshot

Scoopshot is the leading mobile platform for photo and video crowdsourcing with authentication technology. It is also the world’s first platform that allows mobile photographers to earn money from in-image advertising.

Part of P2S Media Group Inc., Scoopshot was established in 2010 in Helsinki, Finland, by a team of spirited serial entrepreneurs and is privately owned. More than 70 leading media companies and brands use the platform, including USA Today, News Corp Australia, Fiat, and Oxfam.

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