Results for Assureurs Prevention

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It’s calling-for-the-winner time for all participants of the Assureurs Prevention Project that ended a few days ago. First of all thanks a lot for all the great ideas you contributed, Assureurs Prevention were nothing more than overwhelmed with the quality of your submissions so that it took longer than planned to choose the winning one.

Without further ado, we’re pleased to announce the winner: Stills and Echoes Production Studio! Congratulations and a huge thanks to everyone that participated and again, it was a tough one. If you’re curious why your pitch did not make it this time, please get in touch, we’re keen to provide feedback so that you can take it away and improve your future submissions.

What’s happening now? We will present the pre-production dossier to the client as soon as it’s ready, that includes: storyboards, casting, location, props, music and voice over proposals for approval. Once that’s done, it’s shooting time.

We’ll share the final films from this pitch as soon as we can, here on this blog and on our Vimeo Channel. Thanks a lot again to all who pitched your work and do stay tuned for more upcoming briefs.

10 Tips to Make a Killer Film Pitch

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Wondering how to nail your next film pitch? We’ve got you covered. Take a look at this short list of things you should consider when sending us the hard work of your sleepless nights.

1. Be relevant

Read the brief again and again. Don’t miss the important points and don’t send something that is off brief or not covering its preeminent parts.

2. Be clear

The best way to make someone interested in your concept is to make them understand what is it that you’re actually talking about. If it’s simple to talk about it, then it’s probably very effective.

3. Be realistic with what you can deliver with the given budget

The budget – which is communicated in advance on purpose, so you know what you can live by – won’t be any bigger than what is communicated in the brief. Please stick to it and don’t go ballistic with crazy ideas that will make you spend money from your own pockets.

4. Don’t go down the obvious route

Clients (and ourselves too, of course) loooove to see original approaches and new takes on their briefs. They came to us because they know we have the most visionary minds available, so make a good use of them :-)

5. Deadlines are no jokes

Even if sometimes deadlines do get adjusted please consider them as mandatory. No need to pitch for something you won’t be able to produce on time in case of winning.

6. Add reference links

The best way of making someone understanding what is the tone you intend to use and what is the style you want to feature etc.. is to show some videos that are similar to what you’d like to produce. A video is worth a thousand words. Even better if it’s films you have shot yourselves.

7. Dont’ forget to add your showreel or website

How will they know that you’ve already worked on that viral hit or you have a YT channel with a zillion followers if you don’t mention it in your dossier?

8. Convey your ideas visually

The more images you can add to support your pitch the best. Moodboards are a great and time effective idea to make clients understand the universe you want to feature.

9. Have fun

You probably entered in filmmaking industry because you’re really cool, so keep being it while you’re pitching on Scoopshot Film. Take our opportunities as something challenging but at the same time projects where you can unleash your creativity completely, have a blast and enjoy yourself. It’s not a pleasure to pitch here, then don’t.

10. Make sure all the above is covered

But if you still have some doubts or questions or just want to talk about your projects, please drop us a line, we’re always happy to hear your ideas.

We can see it in your eyes

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Hello Scoopshot Film. We are what the filmmaker of the 21st century has been looking for. Scoopshot Film gives you access to creative briefs from brands and publishers and opens up the pitching process for every film director. Have a look around, familiarise yourself and don’t forget to take a look at the FAQ for additional info. Since this is still in beta please bear with us. If you run into bugs or have any suggestion, idea or recommendation on how to improve our service drop us a line. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay tuned about new film briefs. Happy pitching!