What is Scoopshot Film?

Scoopshot Film is a new branch of unleashed creativity in the Scoopshot universe. Scoopshot Film is a service that allows filmmakers to produce commercial content for our clients.


How do I register

When uploading a pitch document, you’ll be asked to sign-in with your social profile or register with your email address. There are no user profiles at the moment but please do share your most recent showreel when participating in a pitch project.

What information do I have to share with you to participate in your projects?

The more we know about you the better, because we can offer you to participate in the projects that you like the most. Please do not hesitate to share your show reel and tell us everything about your best work, your aspirations, your crew, your equipment. The better we understand your experience and past work, the higher the chances of winning a pitch. Showing what you can do is very important to us as we need to reassure our clients that we only work with the best professionals in town.


What's the advantage of participating in Scoopshot Film?

Every person who works in video and film production can benefit from using our pitching platform: it gives you access to all sorts of commercial filmmaking projects, from ads, fictional shorts and web series, to robust documentary shorts and long-form video journalism. Other than responding to client’s briefs you will soon be able to independently pitch your film and video ideas to clients on our roster.

What's the size of the Scoopshot Film community?

We prefer to connect names with what you do, we know your skills and we try to keep up with your latest works. We do not need to have a zillion members, because we prefer to have a one-to-one rather than a one-to-many relationship with you.

Where do the members of your community come from?

You are free to use participate in Newzulu Pitch, no matter where you are from or where you live. At present we have filmmakers from the US, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Colombia, Philippines, Japan participating in our projects. We do not restrict access to our services to anyone.

What are the services you offer to the members of your community?

Other than offering you a way of interacting with brands and media outlets for commercial projects, we have a ton of features in our development pipeline. Please stay tuned for upcoming upgrades to our platform. Drop a line to: margherita@newzulu.com if you have any suggestion on the feel, the features, the services you want to see.


What kind of projects do you run now on this platform?

Each project brief will tell you what format you will need to pitch. These are: – Short ideas / loglines – Treatments – Screenplay / scripts – Storyboard / shot list – Director’s vision

How can I upload my pitch document?

You will have to fill in all the fields at the bottom of the project page and upload your pitch document in PDF format (except ideas / loglines).

Is this another crowdsourcing scam website where we work for free and you get all the money?

We certainly do not want to farm, exploit or abuse any valuable member of our production network. We know filmmaking is fun, but it is hard work too. We know there is a big difference in getting 20 average videos form hobbyists versus 2 or 3 quality films, and we have decided to go after quality, rather than quantity. We value our creative crowd with fair rewards, realistic production budgets and the opportunity to get in touch directly with clients. We will not make you produce a film for free for us and “maybe” win a prize for it. We will instead ask you to submit your idea / treatment / screenplay / storyboard / director’s vision (according to the project), just like an agency would do. If your concept is retained by the client, you’ll get the whole of the production budget for your shooting. Sounds fair?

What about the deadlines?

Most of the times we will try to work out a production plan that fits your calendar, but often our clients will have a date in mind for their film to be published, and you’ll have to propose a delivery date that meets the project timeline.

How do we get to know who wrote the winning pitch/idea?

We will be notifying the community with a post on our blog and a message to all the participants in the pitch.

Production budget

Is there any payment for the filmmaker aside from the production budget?

We do not directly employ any member of the community, and we do not dispensate salaries to our directors. What we do however, is providing you with a the production budget in advance, so that you can shoot and hire location, talent, crew and gear. Please note that the production budget includes any insurance coverage you might require.

When do you pay the production budget and how?

Once your pitch has been selected by the client, we’ll be talking to you. Every person who participated in a pitch project will have news on the results of the pitch and the client’s decision. The winning pitch will be given the production budget in two installments. We will give the 50% of the total sum prior to the shooting, to allow you to hire talent, rent the gears you need, get the shooting permissions, forecast post-production work etc. Then – when the film has been delivered to the client, we’ll pay the remaining 50%. We have to do it like this because our clients also pay us 50% when we close the deal and the remaining 50% upon the delivery of the film, (sometimes many weeks later). Should this way of payment be problematic for you, we kindly request you to let us know in advance.

Do I need to have a VAT number to be able to participate in your production projects?

For the ideation projects you will not be requested to have a VAT number, we believe that everyone can have a good idea and there should not be restrictions to creativity. In case of a winning in an ideation project you’ll be wired the money via Paypal or bank transfer. You will be however requested to issue an invoice for the payment of the production budget, in case you are the winner of a production pitch. If you are not in a position to issue an invoice you have to declare it prior to entering a video production pitch.

Legal stuff

Do I need to sign anything in particular before I start shooting?

You’ll be requested to sign a production agreement before kickstarting the production process. This agreement ensures that you’re paid the production budget and in return produce the film(s) according to the agreed terms.

What about copyrights?

You will continue to hold the copyright of your work and you will be allowed to use it for personal promotion or showcase in your portfolio, unless otherwise specified by the client. However the film eventually becomes property of the final client, as stated in the production agreement, meaning that we engage ourselves not to resell your film to another client and you engage in the same. The final buyer of the film has the rights to do with the film whatever is stipulated in the production agreement.

How can I be sure my unsuccessful pitch will not be used by yourselves or one of your clients to produce videos another production partner?

This is a very important part of how we do business with clients and we want you to understand that we take extreme care that our community is respected and well taken care of. We believe that having an idea is the most important step in the development of any story, and to have the good idea one must look into a number of ideas. To protect your creative thinking and to respect your copyrights, we have found that sharing only loglines or short concepts (in 140 characters) is a good way to start a story yet allows to keep the concept open, being still far away from a whole production proposal. If you share your idea in 140 characters there are a number of ways in which the story can be implemented and developed. It is hard to copyright a 140 characters idea, however trust us that we will make sure that only the story that is bought gets produced.

Do we need to pay taxes if we win an ideation pitch or if we produce a film for you or one of your clients?

We have a community of creative people who live in all parts of the world and we unfortunately cannot be up to date on all the rules worldwide. Please check the legislation of the country you are resident in for more information about this.