Scoopshot Film democratises the way films are sourced, helping you secure a gig for top-shelf clients, put your storytelling skills to practise and advance your filmmaking career.

Browse briefs

First and foremost, make sure your showreel is up to date. Then read through the film briefs and choose your battle. Each project has a timeline, so we recommend to only start gathering your thoughts if you think you can turn around the production within the given timeframe. Read our FAQ’s or get in touch if you have questions about submitting a pitch or if anything is unclear with an individual project brief.

Pitch your vision

You are pitching for a production grant with your director’s vision, story board, shot list, script or pitch video. Read through the brief in detail to make sure you’re submitting the right format. Please note that this is a pitch website, we’re not selling your concepts and produce elsewhere; you have to be able to produce your pitched vision within the given budget, so keep it feasible. Read our 10 tips to make a killer pitch.

Get a production grant

We communicate all pitch results on the blog. You will also receive an email notification or phone call if you’re the winner so that we can arrange a 50% advance payment of the grant that is tied to a mutually agreed production timeline. This will allow you to cover your immediate production expenses s.a. location and gear hire, cast, crew etc. You will be paid the remaining 50% upon completion and delivery of the final film.


Assemble your crew and talent and turn that awesome film idea you’ve won the pitch for into reality. We will provide any required product props ahead of the shoot. Also, insure your set and don’t forget to get all talent and location releases signed. Be prepared to have us or the client on set if the schedule allows for it. After delivery of a first rough cut, we will have a maximum number of 3 feedback rounds to keep the post-production process streamlined for all parties.

Cheers to another great film of yours

You’ve done it. Another great project on your reel and if you’ve juggled the production budget nicely, you’ve also made some bucks.

Not quite clear yet, I’ll browse the FAQ’s.